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Lesleyism promotes the position of post-anarchist idealism. Should it be possible to do the following list of things, it should be done so:

 - Decentrally, leftist militias take on governments.

 - The governments are disintegrated fully.

 - The US has their intelligence bureaus destabilised.

 - Workers continue to work as much as they did in Catalonia (1936), Makhnovia (1918) or similar societies.

 - Workers adapt to high phase communism in a few days and the utopian society stands.

 - This occurs internationally in a timespan of a few months.

However, we realise that this is not necessary to happen. It is however much more realistic to expect for armed unions of workers to take on local governments, and cut off the logistics of the state with Trotsky Petrograd-Defence Tactics. 

Following this, worker unions of each country could set up syndicates. Those would be Confederations of Working Places.

Each Working Place would be run platformistically. Coordination of a platform could be delegated to the most experienced workers if necessary, in the bigger or more messy collectives. 

Working Places of each field of work would be assigned into the Field Departments, as recommended by the Working Place itself.

As most of the Social Power of the World would be taken over by militant syndicates, at worst libertarian and classless re-works of the FAI-CNT, Syndicates (Confederations of Working Places) would unite. Their initiative would be to transform into Syndicate Regions.

the International Syndicate would be a platformist committee of elected representatives of Syndicates - either elected by the Syndicate Higher Members or by the General Populace of Founding Syndicates.

The International Syndicate would then unify all Confederations of Working Places. Thus, worldwide Field Departments of the same field would be unified, making a number of world-wide Field Departments.

Following this, each Field Department would be cut into Logistic Regions. Each Field Department would have differently shaped regions, according to logistics applicable to that field of work.

Each Logistical Region would have the most experienced and advanced members of the field heading the Region. This high team would decide things in the Local Logistical Platform, which they would set up themselves.

The highest intelligentsia of the whole field would coordinate Logistical Regions. The highest intelligentsia of the whole humanity would coordinate all the Field Departments.

Who or what is the intelligentsia would be generally standardized by bottom-up vote with proposals by any member of the bottom-up base wherefrom the intelligentsia is elected. These standards may thus vary from Logistical Region of a field to Logistical Region of the same or another Field. 

As the Reactionary-Counterrevolutionary forces of Private Concentration States fall, so will the need for syndicate armament. The definable areal autonomy of Regions does not exist; the rule of unjust hierarchy is removed; the freely-associated logistical governance and the rule of horor; thus the state is non-existent. It is only the government which exists, to promote technological progress, and to slowly fade away into a freer and freer association, slowly transitioning into low and then high phase communism, allowing a very fast transition into Fully Automated Luxurious Space Queer Post-Hierarchical Anarchist Communism.

If no other solution is possible, we may await for Imperialism to run into a contradiction pile-up, leading to a domino effect, triggering a destructive war, completely disabling capitalism but not necessarily demolishing humanity - thus opening a path for an unlikely, but last-resort pro-communist buildup.

We thus see how material conditions of preferrance of the idealist post-structural expropriationsit intersectional revolution and resort to the technocrat anarcho-syndicalism. This is a compromise between Resley, Eleya and Thylla, three key identities known under the "being" of Lesley Zore. Utilitarian perspective to choosing the best of the each, brings us to accept the conglomerate of adaptive marxist goals, according to the material conditions:

 - Post-Anarchist Communism (Fully Automated Luxurious Space Post-Anarchist Communism)

 - Technocratic Stateless Syndicalism

 - Civilisation-Transitive Anti-Capitalism

To guarantee the Technocratic Stateless Syndicalist option is as libertarian as possible, additional anti-structural elements may be taken to prevent the rise of a Syndical State which would take power over the Syndical Government.

This advancement on how Lesleyism is to be established, through a revolution, was a generalization not because of me being unable to write exact laws, but for I want a description adaptable to material changes in the future, preceding the revolution. Given how much fictional legislation I've written, the one thing I've come to learn is dependency on conditions and how regularly it has to be updated.