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Lesley: Stretching zer arms. Sitting in the Chamber, ze is listening to Bernie giving a speech. Ze observes how at one point he halts, steering at the third entrance. As ze turns around, checking out the doors, the lights fling. Lesley turns to Natalya, speaking to her. Don't you think these sirens are too much? Making us consider the danger and, just after, bursting our ears.

Natalya: To be honest, Congressperson Zore, I do not agree that such alarming of the Chamber shall continue.

Lesley: Continuing to sit behind zer bench, ze notices the frontal screen turning on. Let us see the announcements. The sirens phase out as the display turns on.

Display: The display is a giant projection, displayed in front of the chamber, on the great wall behind the Speaker's podium. As the lights turn off, the black darkness transitions into a red background… Then orange, yellow, green, blue, finally purpure. Following some noise, most probably caused by the magnetic guns, the message plays. Senators! It is the Secretary of the Loyalist Armed Forces Richard Spencer speaking. Senators! Reps! Dems! Lesleyists! Whatever your position may be, one thing is clear from your articles. You most clearly condemn the rioting the Capitol now faces. The liberation movement which has formed around Washington D.C. in the recent-most hours shall blow your doubts away. It is the time! The projection stops. The electric light returns, as the Speaker steps forward. 

Rovics: Speaker. Their hands shake. I must inform the chamber… I must inform the chamber: The Armed Forces of National Spooks have begun to fire missiles at our positions at the Reagan National Airport. Thirteen lives of the Loyalist Forces have been lost there to shelling before the positions were breached and we compiled our thoughts into the movement of a retreat. I ask you all to remember how eight years ago today - on the 6th of January 2021 - the Trump Foundation was not satisfied with the election result either. Only now, Spencer is in charge of the military. So much for the loyalty of the Spooky Armed Forces. We shall, however, praise our comrades-in-arms. They can defend the Capitol; for they are times stronger and only they possess any nuclear arsenal.

Natalya: Turns around, in panic. Stands up. As we were notified through a glorious speech delivered by the Secretary-of-State Pompeo only minutes ago, there has been a shelling of the University Park using cassette bombs and chlorine. Due to this emergency, which has realised a cost of over thirty confirmed deaths and hundreds of injuries, I ask the Senate to ready their gas-masks. I repeat, ready your gas masks. This is not an exercise. This is not an exercise. Sits.

Moskaya: Stands up. Comrades and compatriots. I must propose a bill, where I ask for unanimous support by all three parties. I ask for all members present in the Chamber to adhere to the positive vote. It is as such; I ask for our Capitol Police to take care of the Capitol Building as the Armed Forces instead march forward to meet with the Spooky Forces further away. It may be the best way to prevent chaos.

Rovics: We shall vote on the proposal voiced by our fellow Senator Moskaya… Do any of you present rise objections? Silence. Thereby, I call a vote. I ask for you all to vote in accordance with your-self. Longer silence. I must inform you that the resolution passes - positive. Subsequently, the Armed-... Noises are heard from the general direction of the main entrance. 

George Coburn and Robert Ross: The doors burst. Four people in uniforms step in. Behind them, there is a duo of glorious figures, both wearing uniforms, followed by hundreds of militia. It is enlightening to see this room after so many years of darkness…

Robert Ross: So many years of darkness… Not only to us, not only by us. Look 'cross the Chamber, the compatriots… Sitting 'round, hailing no-one else but the Liberty herself.

Rovics: From his position at the podest as a Speaker. Observes the line of enemies entering the space with little opposition. Half the service-folks in the group are armed, others carrying the Union Jack. Some hold swords, some hand primitive guns to those around them. They chant and sing - all to the Save the Queen. The sun never set on the British Empire, for today, the nuclear might of the Land of Liberty and of the Free once again pledges allegiance to the Flag of the Crownreich of London. The senate yields its attention to your command, marchers.

George Coburn: Stands up, still on his lifted military throne. In the name of the people of this world, in the name of the people of Britain, in the name of the Empire, I subjugate this land to consent to development and to the contract with the Royal Society. I thereafter declare myself a Senator, propose and vote aye the move be conducted. Through surprise, only silence and a few nonsensical screams can be heard. I find no objections in place. It is the time for the army to sweep through this land and take down the Stripes and Stars once and for all!

Yes, the British army had been hiding in the tunnels of the Capitol since 1814, all until they found an opportunity to rise during the Trump's neonazi coup d'etat attempt.