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Official statement of ACAL on the Bolivian Coup d'Etat

We, members and founders of the Antiinstitutional Communist Association Lesley, condemn the fascist overtake of significantly underaided Morales' presidency.

13 years ago, Evo Morales was democratically elected to serve his country. Evo is a left-leaning politician, the first modern-day American native leader. In the 16 years, he yearned to construct a social reform - his administration made positive reforms on schooling, medical care, reducing poverty and others. He did try nationalizing some businesses, which sadly didn't go through - but Morales did whatever he could to make Collectivization happen.

Feminism, rights for the native peoples, equality and LGBTQ+ rights rose. Economy flourished in capacity and equality. It wasn't a communist paradise, but rather a successful social-democratic state. 

Yet, his latest election showed us how weak electionism is. Rarely does the system not get rigged; sometimes it lets people like Evo take power when, usually, they would be rigged out. But he succeeded and held the grip of a democratic vote. Problems accrued, when in latest election, he only barely passed the election. Barely, didn't a neoliberal take his chair. Morales held to power, but days later, UN and OAS (Organization of American States), pointed at a flaw in Evo's election, unlegitimizing them as "rigged". Morales didn't truly give in. In days, streets filled with people and demanded his resignation. This Sunday, CIA gathered a bunch of intel and ordered the Military of Bolivia to take over.

Bolivian Armed Forces threatened their president by "suggesting" him to step down. He did do so, announced a new, pre-mature election and gave his resignation. 

Sadly, the competing neoliberal taking power, wasn't what Military and CIA wished for. Therefore, hours after Evo's announcement, Military Forces and Carabinieris took over strategic positions. In the bloodbath, over a hundred were injured. Army took control over communications, supply, government, services and law enforcement, supported by police and backed by USA.

Head of election tribunal and their replacement were arrested by the new, temporary, revolutionary command. The whole of government is expected to be facing similar problems soon, although, they have been offered asylums in Mexico and other Latin American states.

Right after military taking over, a power vacuum was created. Not a single resident of Bolivia knows who is in charge. All in line to hold the presidency resigned, and future elections will be held by military, therefore Bolivian de facto leader is Armed Forces of Bolivia (AFB) themselves. The issue is, the office of Capitan General of AFB is vacant, therefore, control over Power is mostly in hands of their Admiral Armando Pacheco Gutierrez.

Under excuse of "Morales is indigenous", the Army command has started, executing thousands of natives, to "clean up with Evo's supporters". The new regime has designated themselves in center of economic control too; they are about to give international corporation access to the biggest lithium mines in the world - 43% of World's lithium reserves are ready to be excavated in Bolivia.

It may surprise you, but our smart members have dug through a lot of corporations and found one responsible for supporting and paying for Coup d’état. This corporation’s work relies on lithium, and their shares jumped significantly. The corporation is named Tesla Inc. 

I will repeat it. SpaceX, Tesla; Elon Musk is the main actor behind Bolivian Coup d’état, he is responsible for aiding the new, fascist military regime. 

SpaceX and Tesla are, if combined, worth little more than 100 billion dollars. We see Anarcho Capitalism on the rise since 1973 – private corporations paying for their own armies, only to gain resources and workforce. 

Following is the stock value chart of Tesla for October and November 2019. 

Update, 13.11.2019:

Following our expectations, Evo Morales has fled Bolivia and esacped to Mexico, where he was granted an asylum. His flight tobMexico was prganised by Mexican Air Force, which was denied to fly through Ecuador, Chile or Brazil. Peru also denied their right to refuel.

Meanwhile, leader of Bolivian Opposition Jeanine Anez declared herself president. Power remains in military's hands.

Tens of thousands of natives marched into La Paz, calling for a civil war against the new government. Their chants were heard all over the country.


The coup is now a part of history. Morales' party has won the re-election following at least three postponings of elections... Now Bolivia is facing a happy future.

Lesley Zore