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A publication of short communist literature by Lesley Zore

Year 2, release 7 – January-February 2021;  the Author is Lesley Zore.


Special edition:  

"You Are the Fifth Column" - masses




























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Lesleyism reports on the following achievements of its movement:

 - it's own language (actually 2)

 - 13 books in total (not including this one)

 - 6 books (not including this one) as a part of the Setting of Capital

 - a number of safe communities, well-defended and connected.

Our key achievements are listed on - there, there is a lot of stuff.

THE EMERGENCY - by Lesley Zore

Lesley: Stretching zer arms. Sitting in the Chamber, ze is listening to Bernie giving a speech. Ze observes how at one point he halts, steering at the third entrance. As ze turns around, checking out the doors, the lights fling. Lesley turns to Natalya, speaking to her. Don't you think these sirens are too much? Making us consider the danger and, just after, bursting our ears.

Natalya: To be honest, Congressperson Zore, I do not agree that such alarming of the Chamber shall continue.

Lesley: Continuing to sit behind zer bench, ze notices the frontal screen turning on. Let us see the announcements. The sirens phase out as the display turns on.

Display: The display is a giant projection, displayed in front of the chamber, on the great wall behind the Speaker's podium. As the lights turn off, the black darkness transitions into a red background… Then orange, yellow, green, blue, finally purpure. Following some noise, most probably caused by the magnetic guns, the message plays. Senators! It is the Secretary of the Loyalist Armed Forces Richard Spencer speaking. Senators! Reps! Dems! Lesleyists! Whatever your position may be, one thing is clear from your articles. You most clearly condemn the rioting the Capitol now faces. The liberation movement which has formed around Washington D.C. in the recent-most hours shall blow your doubts away. It is the time! The projection stops. The electric light returns, as the Speaker steps forward. 

Rovics: Speaker. Their hands shake. I must inform the chamber… I must inform the chamber: The Armed Forces of National Spooks have begun to fire missiles at our positions at the Reagan National Airport. Thirteen lives of the Loyalist Forces have been lost there to shelling before the positions were breached and we compiled our thoughts into the movement of a retreat. I ask you all to remember how eight years ago today - on the 6th of January 2021 - the Trump Foundation was not satisfied with the election result either. Only now, Spencer is in charge of the military. So much for the loyalty of the Spooky Armed Forces. We shall, however, praise our comrades-in-arms. They can defend the Capitol; for they are times stronger and only they possess any nuclear arsenal.

Natalya: Turns around, in panic. Stands up. As we were notified through a glorious speech delivered by the Secretary-of-State Pompeo only minutes ago, there has been a shelling of the University Park using cassette bombs and chlorine. Due to this emergency, which has realised a cost of over thirty confirmed deaths and hundreds of injuries, I ask the Senate to ready their gas-masks. I repeat, ready your gas masks. This is not an exercise. This is not an exercise. Sits.

Moskaya: Stands up. Comrades and compatriots. I must propose a bill, where I ask for unanimous support by all three parties. I ask for all members present in the Chamber to adhere to the positive vote. It is as such; I ask for our Capitol Police to take care of the Capitol Building as the Armed Forces instead march forward to meet with the Spooky Forces further away. It may be the best way to prevent chaos.

Rovics: We shall vote on the proposal voiced by our fellow Senator Moskaya… Do any of you present rise objections? Silence. Thereby, I call a vote. I ask for you all to vote in accordance with your-self. Longer silence. I must inform you that the resolution passes - positive. Subsequently, the Armed-... Noises are heard from the general direction of the main entrance. 

George Coburn and Robert Ross: The doors burst. Four people in uniforms step in. Behind them, there is a duo of glorious figures, both wearing uniforms, followed by hundreds of militia. It is enlightening to see this room after so many years of darkness…

Robert Ross: So many years of darkness… Not only to us, not only by us. Look 'cross the Chamber, the compatriots… Sitting 'round, hailing no-one else but the Liberty herself.

Rovics: From his position at the podest as a Speaker. Observes the line of enemies entering the space with little opposition. Half the service-folks in the group are armed, others carrying the Union Jack. Some hold swords, some hand primitive guns to those around them. They chant and sing - all to the Save the Queen. The sun never set on the British Empire, for today, the nuclear might of the Land of Liberty and of the Free once again pledges allegiance to the Flag of the Crownreich of London. The senate yields its attention to your command, marchers.

George Coburn: Stands up, still on his lifted military throne. In the name of the people of this world, in the name of the people of Britain, in the name of the Empire, I subjugate this land to consent to development and to the contract with the Royal Society. I thereafter declare myself a Senator, propose and vote aye the move be conducted. Through surprise, only silence and a few nonsensical screams can be heard. I find no objections in place. It is the time for the army to sweep through this land and take down the Stripes and Stars once and for all!

Yes, the British army had been hiding in the tunnels of the Capitol since 1814, all until they found an opportunity to rise during the Trump's neonazi coup d'etat attempt.

A COMPLAINT - supplied by a comrade

Karl Marx dies and is put in Hell

One day Karl Marx dies and God sends him to hell. But this doesn’t stop Karl Marx. Right away, he starts to stir up people in hell:

“Look comrades! We’re here, burning and suffering, while others enjoy their after-life in heaven. This no divine justice, this is madness!” And the people in hell start to rise up and revolt.

The angels immediately go to God’s chamber:

“God! Marx is causing unrest in hell. People rose up and they want equal rights!”

God replies; “Then put him heaven so he shuts his fricking mouth!”

So they put him in heaven, but this doesn’t stop Marx either. He then starts to revolt people in heaven: “Look, while we live here in abundance, our comrades in hell are suffering, burning, let's not allow this!". Soon after, chaos starts.

The angels immediately go to God’s chamber to warn him: “God, Marx is causing unrest in heaven right now! People want everyone to live in heaven!”

God ordains angrily: “Bring me this Marx guy! I shall talk to him in person!”

Angels go and bring Marx to God’s chamber. The door closes. An hour passes, two hours pass, but Marx and God are still in the chamber. Angels wonder what is happening. Hours later, the door opens. Marx leaves the room with silence and heads outside. The angels come in, prying, and ask: “God, what happened?”. God replies: “Sshh! No God, I’m your comrade!”


Scientific views on seperation of Chromosomes, Bodily Sex, Gender and related terminology

Transgender people - and people in general - are, by default, correct about their gender and gender dysphoria

Violence against transgender people is damaging

Other types of disenfrenchisment against Transgender people are prevelant, too

How (NOT) to cope with transgender and non-binary struggles

How to deal with trans people, gender dysphoria and discrimination

If Trump was not a neonazi - by Lesley Zore

Content Warning for trumpism-related problems and his violence, worst forms of it... Ya know, the one, worst one.

If Donald J. Trump was not a neonazi, we would not have named him such. We are Lesleyists - we know our talks - when it comes to ideologies. 

To this end, we've told you time and time again Trump is a fascist, Trump is a white supremacist, Trump is a neonazi terrorist. We've been telling you since the time of his first presidential nomination for the 2016 election it will not play out well. Instead of a moderate neoliberal you chose yourself… Not literally Hitler, though literally Pinochet.    

The sole reason I disagree with the statement that Trump is literally Hitler is how adaptive and esoteric he is. Comparing Trump to Hitler would esotericize classical nazism, that is what neonazis have been trying to do for decades now. 

If Trump was not a fascist, he wouldnt've decried the media. He wouldn't've been outing dowhistles, such as "the media is the enemy of the people". Instead, he would try to promote transparency and investigative outreach.

If Trump was not a neonazi, he wouldn't've saluted neonazi militias during his speeches, as they come to protect him. He wouldn't've cried out "Stand back, stand by" to the Proud Boys - a well-known ultranationalsit and white supremacist terrorist group, a conglomeration of terrost cells… Responsible for so much physical and sexual violence, for shootings, bombings, assisinations. 

If trump were not a neonazi, he wouldn't have pushed for bathroom bills. He wouldn't have rolled back healthcare and other protections for transgender people; nor would he attempt to bar trans folks from serving in military. He would've brought an end to radical mistreatment of trans people in prisons; he would've continued the work to lower violence, psychological, physical, sexual, and other, against trans and gender-non-conforming people. He would've commanded work on lowering neonazi cells' efforts to undermine our survival as trans people.

If Turmp were not a white supremacist, he wouldn't have funded white supremacist groups and would not stand behind the 13-50 statements. He wouldn't've accepted Charlottesville and would crack down faster on the Atomwaffen Division and The Base.

If Trump were not antisemitic, he wouldn't have formed close ties with the AWD. He would not have given a helping hand to Israel in bombing the hell out of Palestinians - for Arabs are a semitic group too. 

If Trump's were not censoring the web, the Operation Earnest Voice would have come to a halt. He would stop his attacks on journalist. He would not encourage mobs to attack them. He would do his best to guarantee the media to reach Stepanakert, to enter Mekelle, to inform the people on whatever was going on in Tripoli, Libya. He would not refrain from cooperating with the biggest news agencies, instead relying on fringe networks such as Twitter. He wouldn't have moved all the people to the right of Tito to Fox News and later to ultranazi networks which were, 'till then, underground. 

If Trump was not a fascist, he wouldn't have picked himself an extremist spiritual advisor; a religious fanatic. He wouldn't have given attention to the media which tries to denounce the theories of evolution, of abiogenesis and the sorts.

If Trump was not a fascist, he wouldn't have asked the Supreme court whether it is possible to eliminate gay partners' adoption. He wouldn't have cooperated with organizations known for their homophobia and bigotry in general.

If Trump was not a racist, he wouldn't have done basically anything of which he did… Naming 98% of Latin Americans rapists, murderers and cartel heads… Subscribing to the 13-52 analogy… Calling African countries specifically shitholes… Banning countries from having their citizens enter the US based on majority religion / ethnicity, corresponding to race many times.

If Trump was not a violent sexist, he would not cooperate with organizations promoting an end to reproductive rights. He would not have sponsored states attempting to prohibit abortion.

If Trump were not a pedophillic rapist, he wouldn't have been investigated by the Füderal Burek of Investmentation for assaulting a 16-year old; he wouldn't have been in the Epstein net, he wouldn't have gotten himself into the P***y scandal.

If Trump were not the worst president in the history of the United States, Antifa wouldn't've warned you time and again about that. There would be no need to mourn the Chatlottesville, and so many more might have been left to survive.

One day Trumpists came - they came very organized. The Proud Boys carried weapons, with the Attomwafen Division. The Base, the Azov Batalion, insofar the KKK, all have probably had to do with the event. They planted bombs in the capital, by each site they call Cabal. They brought in ammunition, rifles and grenades. They were to take on the entire army there. Regardless - was it used or not - it was there at hand, to be ready once they had their Capitol, themselves the head. They ran towards the building, naruto ran the blue lines; "cannot feminize us all," was the cry they sang. A few hours passed so, a few hours of unrest: they took over the whole Senate, the Congress was all theirs. The Chambers were then occupied by the neonazi hords: the Qanon Beer Hall Putsch took over the American Democracy and froze it for a moment. Only time after that, did the troops arrive. Special forces, reinforcements and the apaches. They didn't strike at the fascists but simply took defence. Were there the leftists putsching, it would deliver thousands dead: now only 1 died in engagement with the Feds. 
Can't say we didn't warn you, huh?
Minority folks of the United States again were sent to death, when the trappings of democracy all began to fail. "When the sun rose the next morning, it was the first of May - and they all sang The Internationale," they cited. And we're back there, in the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa.

Coronaviral pandemic, accelerationism and socialism - by Felinka

I came to realise something in regards to the Corona-Virus pandemic and homeschooling as an accelerating factor in regards to the productive process of society in itself.

Capitalism's inherent work-ethical contradiction is that technological advancements are used to overcome the burden of the separation between labour and leisure. This way of overcoming the separation between labour and leisure however arises in an antithetical, contradictory form, opposed to the benefit of humanity. Rather than making labour bearable, the leisure itself is being alienated. No longer can we relax in our free time, but leisure becomes labour and leisure eradicated. No longer do we have to act in the tact with the machines, because that step of exploitation has been overcome and we need to only fulfil the exploitative desire of the Capitalist himself. Whereas alienation existed in the 20th century according to the workings of the machinery of the industry, technological advancements gave us the opportunity to move with our productivity beyond the workings of the industry and into our leisure. Leisure becomes labour, labour is alienation, Capitalism is suffering. Assembly lines no longer dictate how much of our mental and moral capacity we need to insert into the productive process of society, our moral very mind and body do.

Interestingly Capitalism in itself now slowly but surely eradicates the largest burdens of previous attempts of actual existing Socialism:

 - The split between mental and physical labour

 - The split between labour and leisure

 - Alienation from a continuous productive process

Capitalism makes the conditions ripe to use overcoming that split for the benefit of humanity. Through seizing the means of production in itself we wouldn't just liberate the factories but our homes, because as the locational restrictions of what counts as our working place fall apart and our own home because a working place, this very concept of liberating and collectively owning the means of production means that we can liberate not just leisure and labour but the way in which and how we organise society, through liberating our homes as workspaces and places of exploitation. We see that labour now can be organised asynchronously and for differences in ways of working, styles and times can be accommodated. This can be used to create a new underlying basis for creative insertion of a fulfilling labour in society, but only as long as the MOP are collectively owned and we're not enforced by market mechanisms but by the essence of our very leisure time to insert labour into something as our means of relaxation, or the computer, become our means of creating labour.

In the same time social progress under Capitalism still exists. History is dialectical. I see time as a method for reasonable assumption of universally existing development. For every planck's time unit a thesis and antithesis clash on a fundamentally microscopic level. What happened in the past can't be reverted in the future. You can't unbake a cake. You can eat it, add chemicals and a topping, you can change it's chemical composition, but once the bread has been baked, you can't revert it into wheat or flour. Assuming that would be as to reject the fundamental composition of dialectical development of universe measured in time. In that sense what happened can't be reverted. That is an underlying bit of knowledge in society. So therefore we can conclude that social progress coming to arise under Capitalism does three things. 

A.) It takes away the effort that Socialist Society's need to make the same Social Progress (aka. the legalisation of gay marriage, etc.; although they would do it at a faster time) 

B.) It minimises the battling fields of different social movements that reactionary Capitalist forces can claim to support to eradicate support for the most radical movements. In that sense imagine that every time a problem is solved under Capitalism we need to find a new problem. Ecology & Climate Change, Abortion, Trans-Rights, Gay Marriage, etc. etc. As each of these problems is eliminated, there are fewer and fewer construction sites of humanity to work on. Once all of these are gone, only the final construction site remains - Constructing a Communist Society 

C.) It continuously radicalises people by giving people awareness into doing things. Marxists slowly but surely gain their hands on academics. And once we control the intelligentsia, we control society. 25% of all academics in Social-Sciences are self-declared Marxists.

I believe in Marxism with guarantees. The Soviet-Union, although no longer existent, set an example of what can be done. And the Soviet-Union still lives on. One day the current countries, China, Venezuela, the DPRK will not be considered the last remaining Socialist states, but the first ones in which the people hold power.

NAPAD NA KAPITOL: SPODBUDA BREZ SPODBUDE - supplied by LonerBox, translated by Lesley Zore

"Naša civilizacija je priča napadu." Najprej so prišli po kipe sužnjelastnikov; jaz pa nisem naredila ničesar, saj so bili to kipi sužnjelastnikov. Nato so prišli po predsednika… Na Twitterju! Zakaj se je to pripetilo? So krivi komunisti? Ali odgovorni za spoštovanje Twitterjevih pogojev poslovanja? Žal ne vemo. 

Nasprotno, kar vemo je, da je kmalu po nagovoru množice v prestolnici gneča več tisoč ljudi vdrla v Kapitol; tako je prišlo do boja v tej palači, kot ga ni bilo že od začetka devetnajstega stoletja. Kongresni proces so zaradi nemira prekinili in meja med človekom in pošastjo je enkrat za vselej izginila.
Čeprav so bili nameni napadalcev nejasni, je ena stvar resnična: vsi so kričali eno: "Ustavite krajo!". Je bil to protest? Upor? Neuspešen državni udar? Osebno me ne zanima; kakor koli to imenujemo, so Qanonski "udar pivnice" glasno razvrednotili praktično vsi, celo Donald Trump. Nekaterih žal to ne povsem umiri. Špekulira se, da je pregon, ki ga je na socialnih omrežjih doživel Donald Trump, rezultat osebnega pozivanja k državnemu udaru. Toda, je to res? Konec koncev ni nikomur dobesedno rekel naj vdre v Kapitolsko stavbo… Ah, pogovorimo se o tem…

Če bi spoznal prijatelja, z njim bil prijatelj; nato izvedel da je katolik, kaj bi storil? Oddaljil bi se od te osebe… Zakaj bi tako storil? Ja - ker je katolik.

Ob maševanju duhovnik privleče na dan hostijo. Okrogla je; okrogla je bila narejena namenoma, saj prihaja iz babilonskega bogoslužja. Gre se za prastaro nudenje palačink Kraljici Nebes, izvzeti iz mitov, prenešeni v Rimokatolicizem, ustvarjeno v osrednjo točko njihovega lastnega bogoslužja! In duhovnik, ko privzdvigne to hostijo, in ko deklamira kar je zapisano v nje zakramentni knjižici, trdi da spreminja hostijo - poslušajte! - v telo, kosti, krvno plazmo, živce, možgansko ovojnico, v mast tetiv, in v DNK Kristusa! In Rimokatolik poklekne pred oltar in duhovnik mu reče: "pokaži jezik!" In takrat duhovnik položi, kar trdi da so možganske ovojnice Jezusa, na jezik vernika, ki prejema hostijo. Ob tem prejme posvečeni svarilo: "Ne lomi z zobmi tega, kar ti je postavljeno na jezik, kajti to je bog, in svojega boga možganskih ovojnic ne smemo žvečiti! Dovoli jim, naj se ti same stopijo na ustnem nebu... 

Po pričakovanjih je Trump svoj govor kasneje branil; vztrajal je, da so bile njegove besede "povsem primerne". Njegovi podporniki so se obrnili proti socialnim omrežjem, ki so Trumpu preprečile javno komunikacijo in porabili zadnji teden ali dva z več referencami na Georga Orwella kot jih imajo zbrana dela Georga Orwella. 

Temu nasprotuje mnogo javnih komentatorjev, "poznavalcev" podžiganj in govora, ki napeljuje k nasilju; nazadnje so spremenili svoj ton. Začuda se je Tim Pool odločil, da preneha s kričanjem o državljanski vojni in rajši spregledal, šokiran. Bil je tako odločen, da je s prstom pokazal na resnične napadalce: medijski giganti, Project Lincoln in Demokratska kongresna predstavnica naj bi zakrivili to zmedo. 

Vem, da imajo ljudje raznorazne čustvene navezave na Trumpa, zato sem se odločila svoje ideje predstaviti na zgodovinski osebnosti: Originalni oranžni človek, Reverend Ian Paisley. Ian Paisley je bil evangeličanski duhovnik, ki je postal slaven v obdobju severnoirskega nacionalnega gibanja, imenovanem "The Troubles" v 60-ih letih prejšnjega stoletja. Skozi celotno 20. stoletje je bila zgodba Ulsterja polna konfliktov med protestanti in katoliki… Katoliški republikanci so želeli odcepitev od VB in povezavo z Republiko Irsko; na drugi strani so protestantski lojalisti želeli ostati del Združenega Kraljestva.

Paisley, lojalist, je kmalu postal vodilna politična osebnost v 60-ih. Ustanovil je Demokratično Lojalistično Stranko, odprl lastno cerkev in lastni Oranžni red. Skupina, ki jo je kasneje obžaloval, je bila Ulsterski Protestantski Prostovoljci. Njeni člani so odigrali vlogo v velikemu številu bombnih napadov po deželi. Ulsterske Prostovoljne Sile (UPS) - oborožena partijska paramilica - je pogosto vprašala nove člane, ali se strinjajo z Paisleyem in ali so mu pripravljeni slediti. Tako je leta 1966 18-letnega katoliškega republikanca umoril pripadnik UPS. Ko so morilca obtožili, je neslavno izjavil: "Žal mi je, da sem kdajkoli slišal za Paisleya, da sem mu sledil." 

Paisley se je prav tako znašel v navezah z neonacističnimi organizacijami, imenovane npr. Gibanje Vodje in Tretja Sila.

Ne glede na vse to je Paisley svoj vpliv obdržal še tri desetletja, vse do svojega propada, po katerem je končno sprejel Dogovor Dobrega Petka. 

Problem je bil, da Paisley v vseh svojih desetletjih javnega življenja, ni nikoli dobesedno spodbujal k nasilju. Kako je torej privlačil toliko sledilcev, ki so? 

Kot evangeličanski duhovnik je bil poznan za svoje bombastične govore in žaljivo, staro-testamento retoriko. Pod "žaljivo" mislim - vztrajal je, da se Irci množijo kot zajci ali kot kakšni škodljivci; njegov partijski slogan proti istospolnim porokam je bil "Rešimo Ulster Pred Sodomo;" pogosto je grozil, da bo Ulster odplaknjen, če se ne bo boril za obstoj svoje kulture. Četudi je vseskozi trdil, da njegove besede ne nakazujejo fizičnega nasilja, je dandanes zelo jasno, da ni pomembno, kaj je mislil, da nakazujejo.

"Čudim se, zakaj me ljudje ne marajo - morebiti, ker sem tako dober človek? AahahahahhahqhahahahehdanaehdaifaebiFHBAEY Hrk Hrk Hrk..."

Paisley je porabil desetletja, da bi organiziral podporo svojim militantnim sledilcem. Vodil je neštete dogodke, ki so se končali z nasiljem - a vedno iz položaja sprejemljive nedolžnosti, kjer je lahko kamenjal druge, ne da bi se izpostavljal. In vsakič kadar se nekdo, kot je bil Paisley, znajde sredi obtožb napeljevanja k nasilnim dejanjem, priča tisoče in tisoče ljudi, ki ga branijo: "No… Ne vem… Mislim, ne morete brati njegovih misli… Ne vemo ali je res želel spodbuditi nasilje…"
Temu odgovorim z - bullshit! In pokazala bom, kako razrešiti ta gordijskih vozel temne magije indirektnega govora... Prikazala vam bom, da to vsi počnemo! Za to bom uporabila preprost miselni eksperiment, ki ga je razvil sodobni filozof Žižek Godrnjavi. 

Nihče ni večji ljubitelj hoje kot mačka okrog vrele kaše kot mi Britanci. Če smo svetovni prvaki v čemu, je to v izogibanju, da bi povedali, kar mislimo, s tem da to hkrati povemo. Vzemimo primer iz Filma.

"Želiš priti gor… Na kavo?" - "Ne pijem kave." - "Ah, saj je nimam."

No… Ne govorijo o kavi, kajne? Kava nima nič opraviti z danim pogovorom. V le treh vrsticah oba karakterja pojasnita svoje namene, brez da bi jih nakazala. Ne dvomim, da sodne sposobnosti mojih konzervativnih sodobnikov dosegajo to. Nadalje, če razumejo, kaj se dogaja v temu dialogu, razumejo tudi kaj se dogaja okoli Donalda Trumpa. Četudi ni nikomur nikoli ukazal, naj se upre, je konstantno govoril podpornikom, da so bile volitve ukradene, da so medisjki trusti sovražnik ljudstva, in Elektoralni Predstavniki prav tako. Spet in spet je zavračal zahteve, naj zavrže militantne podpornike; Proud Boys-om je ukazal, naj "stojijo v ozadju, varujejo dogodek"; in le uro pred državnim udarom je povedal množicam: "Nikoli se ne bomo predali, nikoli ne bomo odstopili. /.../ Sprehodili se bomo do Kapitola. /.../ Kajti s svojo šibkostjo nikakor ne boste rešili naše države. Pokazati morate moč in biti morate močni." Istočasno, je njegov Rudy Giuliani zahteval "Sodbo skozi boj." Trump se je s previdnostjo morda izognil kazenskemu pregonu; ali je moralno odgovoren je drugo vprašanje. Nikoli ni svojim podpornikom ukazal, naj napadejo Kapitol; namesto tega jih je povabil na kavo.

Trumpova taktika je strategija šolskega nasilneža: z rokami maha pred obrazom svoje žrtve; ob tem kriči: "ne dotikam se te, ne dotikam se te!" Ko nasilje vendarle izbruhne, je Trump tisti, ki žvižgajoč odkoraka z rokami v žepih. Dejanja svojih sledilcev je celo obsodil, kot kazinoji, ki podpira svoje privlačne igre z utripajočimi žarometi; ob tem napiše, v drobnem tisku: "Prosimo stavite in igrajte odgovorno in na lastno odgovornost."

Stohastični terorizem je dokaj nova besedna zveza, a sem, upam, že prikazala, kako je njegovo delovanje dokaj lahko razumeti. Sledeč strokovnjakinji za državno varnost Juliette Kayyem, je to metoda političnih spodbud, ki povzroči naključna nasilna dejanja, osnovana na retoriki, ki tožilcem onemogoča kazenski pregon. Seveda so bili dogodki v Kapitolu bolj direktni, saj je Trump svojim sledilcem jasno povedal, naj gredo tja, a to ni prvič, da se je znašel v takšni zmedi. Raziskave Akademije Kriminalitete so našle 10 primerov nasilnega delovanja, na katere je direktno vplivala Trumpova retorika, in je bila na sodišču uporabljena kot razlaga za dejanje obtoženega. Resda je to nizko število, a to ni bistveno: Če objavim YouTube video-posnetek, v katerem neposredno zahtevam napad na YouTube ustvarjalko, npr. Lesley Zore, bi ta video videlo le nekaj ljudi in nič se ne bi zgodilo. Spodbuda k nasilju ni problem zaradi nasilja, ki ga brezpogojno ustvari, marveč zaradi povečanja možnosti, da se bo le-to zgodilo! Tudi ko je retorika indirektna, se možnost samovoljnih napadalcev močno poveča. In… Več ljudi, kot je izpostavljenih žaljivi ali nasilni retoriki na internetu ali drugje, večja je možnost, da bodo ljudje to vzeli zares. S tem modelom FBI in DHS uspešno napovedujeta poraste skrajno-desnega nasilja od leta 2009 dalje. Zaradi narave stohastičnega terorizma obstoji ena stvar, ki je ni mogoče napovedati: kje se bo to nasilje izrazilo in kdaj bo prišlo na plano.

Trumpa vsak dan slišijo milijoni ljudi - s tako velikim občinstvom se mora sprijazniti z dejstvom, da bodo nekateri izmed njih storili vse točno, kakor jim ukaže. Če s tem niste previdni, lahko končate s sledilci, ki si skrivaj s čebulo solzijo oči, da bi izgledali kot žrtve solzivca, ko so oboroženi napadli stavbo Kapitola. 

Če naj premislimo… Ali je to kaj čudnega? Predsednik je več let mežikal in namigoval o temu množicam. Dejstvo, da je bilo toliko upornikov začudenih, ko jih je Trump pustil na cedilu, ne bi smelo presenetiti nikogar. K čemu napeljujem? Ali pravim, da naj država rabije te teroristične celice, kot v 1984? Ne. Zadnje, kar potrebujemo, je še en Patriot Act ali Prevent Strategy; in četudi nimam simpatij za Trumpa, menim da bi ne smel bit Twitter tisti, ki odredi njegov izbris. Privatna korporacija ni dober sodnik dobrega in zla. Vem, da sem preveč neumen, da bi predlagal novo zakonodajo, lahko pa podam svoj komentar na družbene norme in dogovore o temu pogovoru.

Če imajo Trump in njegovi podporniki dovolilnico govoriti karkoli na internetu in širiti brezpredmetne teorije zarote in volilnih goljufij, so negativni rezultati: delež te populacije bo prinesel te trditve do naravnega zaključka. Kaj so dobre strani? Kaj točno? To da pogovor o tem obstoji? Svoboda govora ne pomeni svobode govornih aktov. Svoboda govora prav tako ne pomeni, da naj podporniki teorij o ploščati zemlji napovedujejo vreme in vesoljske pojave; ali da naj imajo podporniki p-dofilije govore znotraj kongresov proti zlorabam. 

Nihče ne verjame v takšno vrsto absolutnega svobodnega govora in vsak politični komentator, ki se še sprašuje, ali je bil Trump inspiracija za Državni udar, dobro ve, kako se igra z mediji. 
Vseskozi se srečujemo s posledicami nekaterih vrst govora. Če mislite, da je linija med sprejemljivim in nesprejemljivim nejasna, je biti povezan z nesmiselnim in brezciljnim uporom, ki je ubil pet ljudi, vsekakor na nesprejemljivi strani. 

In če še naprej vztrajate z bullshit trditvami o svobodi govora, me zanima, kako boste branili zaveznike dejanj p-silstva na Twitterju. Spotoma naj vam povem, da če ne branite podpornikov p-dofilije in njihove svobode govora, kajti jaz jih vsekakor želim utišati… Potem ne morete uporabiti argumenta svobode govora v Trumpovem primeru.

Pri obrambi Trumpovih dejanj se torej ne gre za svobodo govora, ampak za pristranskost. V dobro strani, ki je izgubila legitimne volitve. Za sedem milijonov glasov. "Beta."

Can a new makhnovia succeed? - by Lesley Zore

“But I must tell you, comrade Lenin, that your assertion that the anarchists don’t understand ‘the present’ realistically, that they have no real connection with it and so forth, is fundamentally mistaken. The anarchist-communists in the Ukraine (or the ‘South of Russia’ to you communist-bolsheviks who try to avoid the word Ukraine), the anarchist-communists, I say, have already given many proofs that they are firmly pklanted in ‘the present’. The whole struggle of the revolutionary Ukrainian countryside against the Central Rada has been carried out under the ideological guidance of the anarchist-communists and also in part by the Socialist Revolutionaries (who, of course, have entirely different aims from the anarchist-communists in their struggle against the Central Rada). Your Bolsheviks have scarcely any presence in our villages. Where they have penetrated, their influence is minimal. Almost all the communes or peasant associations in the Ukraine were formed at the instigation of the anarchist-communists. The armed struggle of the working people against the counter-revolution in general and the Austro-German invasion in particular has been undertaken with the ideological and organic guidance of the anarchist-communists exclusively...

...Certainly it is not in your party’s interest to give us credit for all this, but these are the facts and you can’t dispute them. You know perfectly well, I assume, the effective force and the fighting capacity of the free, revolutionary forces of the Ukraine. It is not without reason that you have evoked the courage with which they have heroically defended the common revolutionary conquests. Among them, at least one half have fought under the anarchist banner – Mokrousov, Maria Nikiforova [26], Tchederedniak, Garin, Lounev and many other commanders of troops loyal to the Revolution whom it would take too long to mention – all these are anarchist-communists. I could talk about the group to which I belong myself and all the other partisan groups and ‘battalions of volunteers’ for the defence of the Revolution which we formed and which were indispensable to the Red Guard command....

...All this shows how mistaken you are, comrade Lenin, in alleging that we, the anarchist-communists, don’t have our feet on the ground, that our attitude towards ‘the present’ is deplorable and that we are too fond of dreaming about the future."

Nestor Makhno, My Visit to the Kremlin (Makhno was the de facto organizer of Makhnovia). Makhnovia was successful in organizing itself and defeating counterrevolutionary forces.

In cooperation with Kropotkin proving that, at the same time, other forms of revolution are not an option, in his article: Revolutionary Government.

we can thereby conclude a less-statist organisation is better and it may be best to organize the revolution in an anarchist way, and there is a high chance this will work much better than a state organisation.

Thus, I believe an anarchist free association is far more abled at preventing revolutionary failures.

And how do the anarchist export the revolution?

“Among the 25,000 Kronstadt sailors more than 10,000 were conscripts from Ukraine, mainly from the raions [counties] where Makhno’s bands were active. These people brought to the sailors’ milieu the mood of dissatisfaction of the seredniak [middle peasant] with prodrazverstka [food requisitioning]. These peasants, many of whom had belonged to anarchist detachments, had become infected with Makhnovist ideals."(edited)

(The october revolution and the downfall of anarchism)(edited)

(Kronstadt was one of the great rebellions i named)


In response to this food terror directed against the peasantry, the Makhnovists unleashed a retaliatory “black terror.” The partisans wrecked railway lines – making difficult the transport of grain, and captured trains. While rank-and-file soldiers captured by the Makhnovists were normally released, the team members of prodotryads were frequently wiped out en masse. In population points occupied by the partisans all Soviet institutions were shut down. But severe reprisals were reserved for the Peoples Food Commissariat and its local organs. Usually the Makhnovists returned confiscated products to the peasants, for example, in the town of Zenkov (Poltava province).[20] On of the main goals of the long range raids by the Insurgent Army in the summer of 1920 was the annihilation of the apparatus of food terror.


(The Kronstadt Revolt (1921), compiled in 2010)

We see there are many things we can do.

"[The Bolsheviks attacked the Rebellious Anarchists...] But the Insurgent Army was not destroyed. The elusive Makhnovist detachments defeated the superior forces of the Reds at will. Then the idea of a military occupation of the Free Region was advanced: it was proposed to inundate it was an enormous number of troops. And, naturally, these troops would not be fed from outside the Region, they would seize the last crumbs from the families of the Red Navy recruits. Letters from the South created extreme emotional distress in the Baltic Fleet. It is probably that by the end of winter in the completely despoiled South Ukrainian villages a real famine had set in. This fact alone made the Kronstadt Revolt virtually inevitable."

“The news we have to report from Kronstadt and Petrograd is all about riots, because the city inhabitants are given half a pound of bread per day per person and this is not enough. It is impossible to purchase anything for money, because the militia cracks down on any kind of free trade. So now city dwellers have murdered four of the militia and now there are riots and there is no telling where it will end. The sailors are rioting. They want free trade and will revolt in the spring against the Communists because here all the sailors and Red Army soldiers don’t want communes and are howling “down with the commune and give us a free life.” We can see the people go by and want it

What was necesarry to stop the Anarchists?

"This was yet another omen of the inevitably uprising. The “officer” units of Red cadets were the most reliable troops of the Bolshevik regime, used in South Ukraine for special punitive operations. In particular, they were used in those cases where the questionable morality of such operations demoralized regular military units. Thus a brigade of Petrograd officer cadets took part in the treacherous seizure and shooting of the staff of the Crimean Group of the Makhnovists in November 1920 and in the punitive operation in the village of Andreyevka after the insurgents had broken out of that place in December of the same year"

(Do not think Makhnovia or related were truly anarchist, but were enough, to prove that it is not a problem of organisation)

"However, the war itself hindered the political and economic development of the anarchist ‘free territory’ before finally being defeated and dissolved by the Bolshevik-led Red Army in August 1921." (To what extent was Makhno able to implement anarchist ideals during the Russian Civil War?)

"Paul Avrich has noted that Makhno was first and foremost a peasant and worker, not a philosopher or political theorist, yet was well-acquainted with the anarchist ideas of Mikhail Bakunin and Peter Kropotkin and strove for a classless, stateless, moneyless society in south-east Ukraine.[7] The extent to which Makhno and the Makhnovists applied the theories of anarchist-collectivism and communism in practice during the Civil War, however, is debateable and will be discussed in due course." (Same source)

"However, whilst the platform and policies of Makhno and the Peasant Union in 1917 can be described as being influenced by anarchist-communist ideals, the political and economic conditions of expropriating land to peasants cannot be considered an anarchist society as it did not yet call for the overthrow of state and capital. Furthermore, it has been argued by Michael Palij that ‘it would be a mistake to assume that the peasants in the region of the Makhno movement were anarchists; in reality, they knew and cared very little about anarchism or Marxism’.[13] For this reason, Makhno’s and the Makhnovist movement’s activities in and around Gulyai-Polye between 1917-18 should be considered as a peasant movement inspired by anarchism to enact land reform, rather than anarchist-communism in practice. The popular land reforms by the Peasant Union under Makhno’s leadership in Gulyai-Polye, whilst not necessarily anarchist, were indicative of what Peter Arshinov considered the origins of the Makhnovist ‘mass movement’ in the volnaya territoriya (‘free territory’)."

But we can see it was becoming better through time:

"arusya’s anarchism of violent class struggle against the Provisional Government and local capitalists proved to have an energising effect on the workers and peasants in Gulyai-Polye"(edited)

"One could argue, therefore, that it was Marusya’s return to south-east Ukraine and role in establishing armed Black Guard units during 1917 that prompted Makhno and the Makhnovist movement in Gulyai-Polye to adopt a more radical and class struggle approach to implementing anarchist ideals."


"In conclusion, Nestor Makhno and his comrades had succeeded in laying the foundations for anarchist development during the Russian Civil War by building a peasant mass movement to challenge capital and the state. However, the preoccupancy of fighting a war on almost four fronts for the entire duration of the anarchist experiment’s existence plagued the economic, political and social development of anarchist ideals. Furthermore, as noted by contemporary historians, the lack of support amongst Russia’s anarchist intelligentsia in providing ample theoretical structure to the Makhnovist movement was a crucial factor in the stagnation of anarchism in Ukraine and Russia, leading to the destruction of the movement at the hands of the Bolshevik regime that it never recovered from."


It... Works... That is, if you don't make the mistake of being some of a statist intentionally, like Makhno was.


Come et help moi

Corpses of Bazovica.

Avanti, scream the Transtriestans,

to all matters little.

Thus, enlighten us, centrists,

elaborate, tories,

bomb us with pamphlets, identitarians,

color with blood, fascists,

Swords and Shields stand for you.

Still no understanding

for the Unity of the People,

the Working People,

the Arbeiter People,

Người làm việc People,

thus they elaborate, strikingly.


The last breath of mine… Be free…

Darkness is to cover my eyes.

Will the renaissance of death

show their guilt, *her* guilt, *zer* guilt?

Pharma Fraud,

Change the Aspirin for Cyanide.

Cyberspace Anarchitecture as Jungle War

Blue Planet - 17 of them here - red red red planet is not blue for BLOOD.

Because BLOOD.

As I mouth, BLOOD.

Welcome to the planet of red.

Shut the door no longer.


It scares.

I no longer stand on the Earthly world.

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As a lighthouse is no shinier than a pamphlet


Your heart is pained, Igor Bavčar?

A rendgen may render some knife hiding in your chest.

Nazi pedos.

Black book of superspreaders of "Yellow Journalism".







Keita is on a run.

Morales has been exiled.

Raze my vessels sharply,



You shall be expunged for eternity

and your departure

shall build no statue.

Čuha Puha

Boško Buha

Boško buha

žal ne bruha

brez trebuha


Theirs said:

A truly funny story.


The count with my fingers,

five times to five,

screamed it as many times,

now I've got the Iron Cross.

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Remain. Calm.

Fasciola Hepatica

Water is entering my throat.

Bespatter lead,

which sharply,

which sharply detaches

your taste buds.

The coffin is heating,

as petroleum curses it - 

and you inside it - 

lead bespattering on you

and ciancalium in your mouth,

you - alone in the northernmost taigas.

Ur-Fascism Takedown of Donald Trump - by Lesley Zore

A Preamble.

In an essay, we've already shown Donald Trump a fascist. This time, Lesley will conduct a point-by-point overview of Donald's nazism in accordance with the Ur-Fascist 14 points as provided by Umberto Eco.

  1. The cult of tradition. “One has only to look at the syllabus of every fascist movement to find the major traditionalist thinkers. The Nazi gnosis was nourished by traditionalist, syncretistic, occult elements.”

The Conservative, that is, the Republican party has built it's propaganda line on the denunciation of social change, of population change. With the demographic structure shifting, this is an enemy to all republican fractions, including Trumpists.

  1. The rejection of modernism. “The Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, is seen as the beginning of modern depravity. In this sense Ur-Fascism can be defined as irrationalism.”

Dark enlightenment is but a definition of Trumpism. His policies are based on misunderstanding of the ideas of Liberty, Egality and Fraternity. It is only when those ideas, so pesky to him, come in the way, does the platform of hatred shatter, hatred being the basis of Trumpist operations against so many communities.

Furthermore, Trump's policies include prohibition of certain enlightened or further developments to constitute certain federal buildings (the "Brutalism Ban"). He has decried emancipation of minorities and helped segregationists get their points across.

  1. The cult of action for action’s sake. “Action being beautiful in itself, it must be taken before, or without, any previous reflection. Thinking is a form of emasculation.”

The Trump movement is closely affiliated with movements requesting removal of certain racial, gender or otherwise divergent groups from the United States of America. Those groups are generally nazistic; they thus reject the idea for the need of justification of a noble lie. They are, thus, directed to an action for action's sake. And as much we can see in the Trumpist movement an action for action's sake. They want to enforce gender functionalism, but, why? They want to enforce race, but, why? Against every consensus. This is an action for action's sake.

  1. Disagreement is treason. “The critical spirit makes distinctions, and to distinguish is a sign of modernism. In modern culture the scientific community praises disagreement as a way to improve knowledge.”

This can clearly be seen following the 2020 election and the subsequent chain of events, leading to the Qanon Beer-Hall Putsch, the Trumpist Coup d'Etat. During the "Election Fraud" campaign, during the Capitol Raid, during the Second Impeachment, all the internal, many times integral members of the Republican Party, the host of Donald Trump, were made to agree with their leader. Those who disagreed with most violent characteristics of the most fanatic groups of the Trumpist ideology, were expunged, threatened with death, and sidelined. They were decried as traitors.

  1. Fear of difference. “The first appeal of a fascist or prematurely fascist movement is an appeal against the intruders. Thus Ur-Fascism is racist by definition.”

Trumpism groups humanity into two: them-cis, others-trans. Them-white, others-PoC. We can continue naming such categories for quite a while. This distinction is especially clear with the Trump Administration perception of Latin American immigrants into the United States. They are seen as built on their hatred against who they decry as "the intruders". They are racist by definition.

  1. Appeal to social frustration. “One of the most typical features of historical fascism was the appeal to a frustrated middle class, a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation, and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups.”

Trump, as beneficial to corporate investors as he is, still appeals to the middle classes using the rhetoric aggressive to those in power or beholden to certain types of estate. He furthermore attempts to portray them as "the silent majority" and attacks what his supporters named the "SJW" movement to humiliate equal and human rights activities.

  1. The obsession with a plot. “Thus at the root of the Ur-Fascist psychology there is the obsession with a plot, possibly an international one. The followers must feel besieged.”

Qanon and the Cabal.

  1. The enemy is both strong and weak. “By a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”

We could clearly see this any time his camp talked of liberalism as a cultural tendency. Or as much when they talked of leftism. To them any opposition to the patriarchy is Cultural Marxism. And one who is such is to them both a nerdy weakling and an "all-controlling Jew", thus arriving at the strong-weak antagonism.

  1. Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. “For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle.”

Republican opposition to Harm Reduction is defined by the very idea of life eternally remaining a struggle.

  1. Contempt for the weak. “Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology.”

The whole propaganda machine of the Republican Party (Trumpist) is built on portraying the enemy as "weak" and forming a cult of personality around individuals "to liberate us from the other individuals".

  1. Everybody is educated to become a hero. “In Ur-Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.”

Trump's bills on "patriotic education", his denouncement of "anti-patriotic" media and higher education show contempt for non-heroic education.

  1. Machismo and weaponry. “Machismo implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality.”

The Proud Boys and the masculinization of extremism and highest-level politics shows the first. The aggressive attitude against the left and against gender minorities, in accordance with the rise in violence against queer folks, we can show the latter.

  1. Selective populism. “There is in our future a TV or Internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People.”

This is allowed for by Twitter et comp.'s Echochambers. With the Fox News (and later the pro-Trump dissident networks) and the Internet Self-Perpetuating Lies mirroring eachother, it unites one single demographic, the govermental one.

  1. Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak. “All the Nazi or Fascist schoolbooks made use of an impoverished vocabulary, and an elementary syntax, in order to limit the instruments for complex and critical reasoning.”

This is pretty clearly defined by all the dog-whistle-words and the dog-whistle-phrases.

A conclusion. 

Trump is a classical nazi on all points possible, an upscale from the general fascism accusation presented in the "If Trump Was Not A Neonazi" essay.

The New Balkanization - by Lesley Zore


I come from Slovenia, a recently Westernized Balkan country, once a member of the Yugoslavian political entity. This essay presents the necessity for our countries to take a step forward and fight oppression and imperialism at home, as it is key for the Balkans to strike back now.

Part One. Relevant History.

In the last two decades, a new trend can be seen in the politics of Balkans, though its pattern is known to the region for centuries: that of imperialist incursion and ideological disarray.

Since the settlement of Slavic groups into the Byzantine Empire, it's been a constant struggle of Istanbul on one hand, Kiev/Russia on another, and Germanic-Italic forces on the last hand… All to assert power over this region.

After this area was the Sahara of 1984 for centuries, it was strengthened following the First World War with the unification of the Kingdom of Serbia, Montenegro, and most of the Slavic areas of what was once Austria-Hungary, and of course the Republic of Banat, additionally to small portions of Istria and Fiume and so on and so on. The new Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, later known as Yugoslavia, held the area firmly and began to build the new Balkans.

Following World War Two, the pro-socialist Yugoslavia of Marshal Yosip Broz Tito was seen as one of the strongest diplomatic forces and was highly respected worldwide. It was so powerful nothing could replace it.

Thus as Tito died, and as nationalism and capitalism collapsed the Federation, vacuum of power appeared. Regardless of attempts of Serbia to dominate Balkan politics after that point, the most they could achieve is hold on to the remains of the rump state for a decade or two longer than the others. 

The final death of the Balkan power, primarily with an end to ideological cooperation between Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania, and later with the dissolution of the strongest among them, nothing was in the way of the Three Axises from stepping into the Balkans.


Part Two. The Western Axis.

Throughout the War in Yugoslavia, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization played a decisive role in the conflict, side by side with the United Nations and its Blue Helmets. Through their presence in the area, they could later help the economy rebuild and integrate it into the Western System, thus de facto annexing Slovenia and Croatia, if not more. 

The military, diplomatic and economic presence, pressure and influence is highly beneficial to extension of Western Markets into the region and thus its diaspora. For at least two decades, the EU and the US corporate structure held their firm hand over the area.

Part Three. The Turkish Domination of the Balkans.

I have already discussed how Trump's policies affect US presence in the Middle East. Furthermore, I've shown how the presidency of Donald Trump lowered the strength of American Pressure on the Levant, Northern Africa and the Balkans so expressly for Turkey to overtake the US in the region.

Turkey has recently taken over the Western Pressure in the wars in Syria and in Libya. 
From Turkey's aggression against Syria, Iraq, Kurds, Armenia and Greece, we can derive its will for expansion of its influence. Turkey has been diplomatically aggressive in the Balkans for quite some time now.

Part Four. The Role of China and the BRICS.

In the last few years, the prevalence of Chinese Investment in the wider Balkan area has increased significantly. With its economic partner Russia pressuring through Pridnestrovie and through diplomatic support to Serbia, we can conclude the BRICS is a power to consider.

Part Five. Ultranationalism and the Axis of Visegrad.

With the West being characterised by certain players in the Balkans as the main intruder, though actually recently replaced by China and Turkey, some form of a resistance to certain western lines has formed in the Balkans, though ironically pro-western itself.

We can see certain previously pro-socialist countries, like Poland or Hungary, had their transition into the western economy result in anti-communism in the recent. The degree of this inevitably pushed for cultural rightism, thus forming fascistoid policies in the two countries.

Lately, the Balkans have seen a similar movement. With the West establishing itself, elements especially in Serbia and Slovenia have begun to name its cultural element subversive. We thus arrive in an era where a part of the Balkans cooperates strongly with the West though culturally and structurally suppressing any form of progress within its boundaries. With Poland and Hungary fueling this fascist nightmare, the ultraconservative SDS party has risen to power in Slovenia and Vučić Serbian Progressive Party has taken Belgrade. Since then, a new axis has formed in the Balkans - the axis of Visegrad.

With the revelations of political games by Vladislav Surkov, we can determine that even Russia has started playing a role in the Visegrad policies of the Balkans. 

Part Six. Conclusion.

With the demise of the Western Hegemony following the Demise of Self-Rule, the Balkans have once again become a hotspot of international relations. 

Now, we can observe four axises of intruders into the Balkans- Let us name them and display how third powers support the given axis. That of Turkey, supported by Russia, China and the West; That of China itself, supported by Russia; that of Visegrad, supported by Russia and the West, and that of the West, given support by Visegrad and Turkey.

As one hegemony just failed and the Never-Ending-War has not yet been completely established, it is key for Balkan Players to unify as a separate force. If the countries of the Balkans do not step together, the Balkans will become the Powder Keg of Europe within a few years, or a decade at most.

The Players of the Balkans must see reason in Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Fascism, Anti-Imperialism and Anti-Statism, to counter the Western, Visegrad, Chinese and Turkish axis separately. The Players of the Balkans must as well see these necessities as interconnected: it is the intersectional model which shall predict how they are to play out.

It is time for a new and better Yugoslavia to rise: that of a classless, moneyless and stateless society, which is to be both exact and personally liberative, and is to end the oppression we encounter in our day-to-day lives here.


High disturbances in the world of International Relations have been behaving in a strange way for decades now. Once clear distinctions between The West and The East have disappeared and have since been replaced by confusion of multiple regional powers, all aligned to one or more superpowers, fueling proxy wars.

However confusing, power relations in this classful system did not disappear with the surge of the new era. They have only intensified; and the more unpinnable they become, the stronger their effects.

Part One. Introduction.

With the ending of the Cold War, living standards in the dissolving USSR plummeted. With them, so did the oneness of the ruling ideology: reddish nationalized capitalism commodified under the rule of Gorbachev and through coups and unrest the Soviet peoples dissociated.

As the Soviet Motherland began to diminish, so did its rule over Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Soon after, Yugoslavia collapsed due to over a decade of resurging nationalism and capital concentration. TPLF rose to power in Ethiopia. Market reforms in the PRC were concluded just as Deng passed away. As changes around the world began to radicalize the population, both NATO and internal far-rightist elements took over structural, economic and cultural politics of the areas.

With such a mixture of state leftism, post-leftist and anarchist alternatives, ultracorporatist capitalism and outright militant fascism, additionally to radical refusal of those named "apolitical" to back human rights when faced by fascism, a power vacuum was created.

Most usually, a power vacuum leads to a foreign player jumping in and securing the ground for themselves. But this time the sheer landmass and the population was too sizable to grasp. There was a need for a new ideal, which shall lead the sheep, which shall organize the masses, to follow the state apparatus.

Part Two. Cross-promote, Confuse, Strike.

Quite soon, authoritarian and conservative movements across Russia and by then dissolved Yugoslavia processed the new reality, adapting to the situation with magnificent exactness.

Yeltsin, the president of the Russian Federation, refused to rule by popular consent. Or did he? According to the theories of Ur-Fascism Analysis, it was Yeltsin's view that his followers represent the Russian People. He used this view to manipulate politics on a wider level; all the mafioso mayors, the billionaires, the spies, were subordinate to him. However, this level of investment had by then been outperformed by many tyrannical creonists; only some tougher president could hold the Russian Federation in line with its policies.

Thus came the new year's eve of 1999, when Vladimir Vladimirjevich Putin assumed power in the Kremlin. 

Vladimir's funding was often controversial: not only how his support for ultranationalist groups was obvious, but his symbolic and insignificant funding for human right groups began to confuse the west: who is Vladimir Putin, and what does he stand for?

Soon after, the genius that is his right hand Surkov is. It was Surkov directing this all: sponsoring opposing movements, attacking the media and glorifying the Official Truth, funding warring countries. As this was made public knowledge, the politics of the Russian Federation drifted into disarray and confusion. From that moment onwards, no-one could challenge the Kremlin without getting lost and chopped up in the Surkov Mechanism. 

Part Three. Surkov's Internationalization and The Balkans.

With the fall of the Eastern Bloc, and that of Yugoslavia, new movements rose across Poland and Hungary. At first, they were movements of civil initiative. Solidarity, a party which toppled the Polish People's Republic, would signify a big change in the Polish Cultural Policies. Similar stories happened in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, with memories of the Prague Spring and the Hungarian Revolution still fresh. A new era was to come to the named states.

However, with the fall of reddish nationalized capitalism, opinions shifted against Communism - not only economically, but culturally as well. The Russian Federation made sure to take advantage of this wave of nationalism: they helped it rise to power and establish a base of operations.

The countries of Vishegrad, that is - Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary - began to spread their influence into the Balkans. However, the Russia-China partnership had interests there as well. Thus, while pushing through Pridnestrovie, Moscow confused Western influence there by funding a culturally rebellious group to the rest of the European Union.

Part Four. The EU and its role in the New Imperialism.

The end of Imperialism after World War Two brought a decrease in the European role in previously colonised areas of the world. Though economic ties remained, strong cooperation between newly established players seemed probable to bring prosperity plenty. 

However, as student and leftist revolutionaries failed to topple the French Government in 1968, an end to internal opposition to European colonialism was imminent. Later externalisation of Chinese markets under Deng, the renewal of American Imperialism under Ronald Reagan, the cynicization of Russian movements, led to a new era where all the powers could with common pressure once again destabilize regions into opening up for foreign investment. 

Neoimperialism was born.

Part Five. The Transition of Neoliberalism into Its Post-modern Self.

In 2016, Donald Trump was voted into power in the United Snakes of America. I have already covered his politics, his policies regarding the Balkans and his influence on NATO operations.

It might be important to understand Trump's role as breaking in the transition of Neoliberalism into Post-Modern Neoimperialism. With funds conflicting eachother over small projects to collapse them and take ground, with malfunctions and concentrations of Hedge-Shorting, the US and other emergent players continued their investments in European markets, thus making their role in future Neocolonial conflicts purely symbolic.

Today, with the EU sponsoring both key sides of the Libyan Civil War, with the US pretending to support The Opposition, Turkey, Kurds and so on at the same time, and yet pulling out of Rojava, with Turkey replacing the whole geopolitical role of the US in its region, with Russia and China dominating wars, it becomes clear: it is no more an analysis of who is stronger, but of what support is sincere.

Part Six. Examples of Confused Hotspots.

Some examples of confused hotspots, where powers support multiple sides, or otherwise function completely against simple logic, include, but are not limited to the internationally recognized regions of:

 - The Balkans

 - The Arctic

 - Antarctica

 - Syria

 - Iraq

 - Ethiopia

 - Sudan

 - Eritrea

 - Somalia

 - DR Congo

 - C African R

 - Yemen

 - Bolivia

 - Peru

 - Chile

 - Nagorno-Karabakh

 - Georgia

 - ...

Part Seven. Conclusion.

It is not an analysis of the axis of power to name their strengths and weaknesses, and name their allies. Nowadays, we must decrypt what support is sincere and what is not. For some, like US support to Kurds, we can already say it is insincere. For some, like Turkish connection to the FSA in Afrin, it's clearly sincere. However, certain relations are yet to be decrypted, like Chinese-CAR relations. Some may only be uncovered once it is too late to warn the people, but analysis shall yet stand.